Ethan Orchard is a St. Louis raised artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He studied art history and dramatic writing at New York University, but returned to his first love,  producing the visual, as the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe. He has been lucky enough to continue since!

Orchard obsesses over art history and places his influences into a planar supercollider so as to weave a pluralistic tapestry of hyperpresent images. He insists they will not age like potato salad.  In his recent work, you will find the influence of  Robert Colescott, Philip Guston, Peter Saul, Louise Bonnet, Julie Meheretu, Francis Bacon, Georg Baselitz, Henri Matisse, Tetsuya Ishida and Andre Derain.

This site features work made public. 

(September, ‘23)


  • Level Gallery. Queens, New York. 
  •     April-May, 2023.
Current/upcoming SHOWS

John Burroughs School. St. Louis, Missouri. 
     September - Ongoing, 2023